Santa's Lost Comb
Santa's Lost Comb
Santa's Lost Comb
Santa's Lost Comb

Santa's Lost Comb

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Discover the heartwarming story of Santa's Lost Comb, a delightful Christmas tradition that will enchant your family for years to come. This enchanting set includes Santa's Lost Comb with just a touch of his beard, a beautiful pouch, and a story card, making it the perfect addition to your holiday festivities.

What's Inside:

  • Santa's Lost Comb: This beautifully crafted comb is a symbol of Santa's magic and generosity. Children will be captivated by the mystery of how Santa lost it.

  • Pouch: Keep Santa's Lost Comb safe and secure in the included pouch, ensuring that it's ready for your holiday tradition year after year.

  • Story Card: The included story card tells the tale of Santa's Lost Comb, creating a magical narrative that brings the tradition to life for your family.

Why Choose Santa's Lost Comb:

  • Create a Cherished Tradition: Share the heartwarming story with your children and make it a cherished tradition in your family.

  • Fosters Generosity: Encourage acts of kindness during the holiday season as children leave out Santa's Lost Comb for Santa to find and share with others.

  • Beautiful Keepsake: The intricately designed comb is not only a wonderful tradition but also a stunning keepsake that will be treasured for generations.

  • Magical Memories: Watch your children's eyes light up as they participate in the mystery and magic of Santa's Lost Comb.

  • Perfect Gift: Give the gift of tradition to friends and family. Santa's Lost Comb is a unique and meaningful present that spreads the spirit of Christmas.


Imagine if your child finds Santa's Lost Comb Christmas morning! They will be fascinated by it's magic and wonder!

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